Estate Agency Floor Plans

Why use French Project Planning?


A professional service that will enhance your company’s website

Fast turnaround on professional floor plans - 48 hours

Quick, efficient bi-lingual service producing professional 2D floor plans using the latest technology available which can be used for all company listings

Cuts down on time wasters by enabling clients to visualise a property more clearly with a floor plan they can refer to

Ability to personalise - Companies can add their logo to the plan, ensuring it remains the company’s property

Minimal changes are needed to current systems - the company’s existing property reference numbers can be used as a tracking and invoicing system

Minimal extra investment in time (requirements involve a rough sketch plus the orientation of the property) as property measurements have already being taken by agents

Agents who have a thorough knowledge of their existing properties could provide sketches without revisiting the properties. Property owners can also email their sketches to their agent for transfer to FPP

Massive geographical coverage

Excellent value and extremely low cost. No travel is necessary on our part so these savings can be passed on to our clients

Formatting to suit - various formats are available to suit each company’s needs, plans can be sent in either JPEG, GIF, or PDF format

Service is available 365 days a year 

Offer of first plan for free

Benefit from economies of scale with applicable discounts available depending on numbers required 



Prices are based on property size

First plan free

Under 100 m2       29 euros + VAT

100 – 250 m2        36 euros + VAT

250 – 480 m2        48 euros + VAT

480 – 1000 m2       79 euros + VAT

Sending your sketch.....


· Use a sheet of A4 paper to create each sketch (larger houses, a sheet per floor) 

· Add the property reference number at the head of the paper

· Indicate the orientation of the building

· Sketch out the rooms, windows and doors for each floor (see below) 

.Simply draw window/door openings big or small to indicate size

· List the measurements taken for each room and indicate them on the plan 

· Scan the sketch with the measurements and send it to us at

· We will return professional quality floor plans within 48 hours

· Invoices sent monthly, to be paid within 30 days by bank transfer

Example of agent's sketch sent to FPP


FPP floor plan from agent's sketch